safety and security

Windows with basic safety and security features as standard

Almost every two minutes a burglary takes place. Windows and French doors are the preferred access “route” into the house or apartment. For this reason Kneer-Südfenster has already attached special importance to high safety and security fittings in the standard version.

Basic safety and securitycomes standard with Kneer-Südfenster (excluding special designs)

A multi point-locking fitting with two security-specific frame strickers and two casement mushroom bolt locks.

Safety and security Level D (excluding special designs)

A fitting with a drill protection mechanism and four mushroom bolt locks. In the case of the version based on tested WK1 elements (DIN V ENV 1627 - 1630) a laminated glass plate and lockable window handle are necessary.

Safety and security Level E(excluding special designs) 

A fitting with a drill protection mechanism and all-round locking system according to specification. In the case of the version based on tested WK2 elements (DIN V ENV 1627 - 1630) an impact resistant glazing on the outside, a secured glass connection (e.g. screw-fastened glass strips) and a lockable safety window handle are necessary.

All safety levels of the windows can also be supplied as the alarm version, in other words with alarm glass as well as closure and opening monitoring.

Making provision for the right burglar proofing in the planning stages of your new building or renovation, is an investment that will pay off with utmost certainty.

The number of mushroom bolt locks per window is contingent upon casement size.