the ultimate in maximum thermal insulation values

AHF 115 P Classic
AHF 115 P Classic
AHF 115 Classic
AHF 115 Classic

In General

Already in the case of the standard version, the wood-aluminium clad  window has the ultimate in thermal insulation value.

A completely concealed fitting does not impact on a perfect interior appearance of the window and ensures a classy and high-quality interior appearance – for your own special living ambience.

Window design combined with state-of-the-art fitting technology:
Completely concealed fitting technology, which means that the interior appearance is not obstructed by fittings (only in the case of windows at right angles).


  • fitting installed to appear invisible

    All aluminium-wood window systems (as well as the new wooden window systems HF 82 / HF 82 WD and HF 90 / HF 90 WD) are equipped with a Siegenia-Aubi fitting installed in a completely covered position by - as a standard feature.

    All structural components are integrated in the window frame and window leaf from the interior to appear invisible – this enables a consistent appearance left unmarred by fitting components. Custom-designed shapes such as bevelled/round-arch windows and balcony doors with a flat threshold etc. are (as a rule) supplied with a visible flush fitting.

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  • flush fitting

    All synthetic, aluminium-synthetic, aluminium as well as wooden window systems HF 82 / HF 90 / HF 90 WD are equipped with a flush Roto NT fitting as a standard feature.
    For a surcharge, fittings positioned to appear completely invisible can be installed as an option.


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Wood Types

Pine, spruce, meranti, larch, oak, alder, maple, mahogany, cherry, walnut and teak.
Additionally all colour tones from the wooden window colour chart, as well as RAL colour tones are possible.

Interior Colours

Actual colors may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor color restrictions.