UPVC windows

The easy-to-maintain window suitable for daily use

Windows – once only one building component of many – today decisively shape facade design with their size, design, colour and arrangement and determine the atmosphere of interior rooms. Aesthetics and quality, timeless elegance and filigreed appearance – these all make up what today’s building contractors require from a window. Kneer-Südfenster UPVC windows perfectly fulfil these diverse wishes.

  • Excellent thermal insulation characteristics achieved with thick-walled multi-chamber profile geometry
  • Practically scuff-proof and easy to maintain
  • Outstanding structural and physical characteristics
  • Window design combined with state-of-the-art fitting technology with a matt silver appearance
  • Design freedom irrespective of whether contemporary, classical or traditional for the heritage-listed sector
  • Lift and slide doors, parallel tilt and sliding doors, parallel sliding doors, folding sliding doors, pivot windows, arched and segmental arch windows available entirely in line with your wishes